Raw Material Testing & Supply

Raw Materials

Testing and Analysis:

For people setting up plants, selection of the best raw materials is important. While cement is easily graded, we need to test the water and flyash to create the best design mix to meet your needs. We supply raw material testing services either on-site, or in consultation with our partners for lab certified reports. Based on this we can provide the ideal design mix for your use.


We understand that for perfect CLC blocks, foaming agent is the most important factor.

– Stable under higher temperature

– Foam does not collapse easily after mixing

– Stable foam bubbles with very fine micron size for mixing

– Long shelf life

– High concentration for cost effectiveness

Based on our analysis and four years of research, we have identified the best international foaing agent for Indian conditions. We source this foam from Italy and supply to you at the best rate available in India. Please contact us to discuss this further.