Why CLC?

High Thermal Insulation

Low thermal conductivity. Thermal Performances 5 times better than clay bricks & 10 times better than RCC Interiors remain cool in summer and warm in cold wintry days. Savings in recurring energy costs in air-conditioning. Ideal material for applications in cold storage rooms.

Eco friendly

CLC blocks are Environment-friendly. Foam concrete is eco- friendly material as fly ash and other industrial waste material are used in part of manufacturing blocks to protect the environment. The production process of CLC or its use does not release any harmful effluents to ground, water or air. CLC, due to its low weight is ideal for making partitions. The use of CLC for this purpose will reduce the need for plywood partitions. This consequently will result in reduction in deforestation and will benefit environment.

Lower Water Absorption

The water absorption of this material in relatively lower than any other materials. This compares much better than concrete 50% and ordinary brick, which has water absorption of around 50% to 80%. The low water absorption property of these blocks will help to reduce the cracks in the walls.

Good Sound Insulation

Up to 37-42db sound reduction based on thickness. It is possible to achieve even higher values depending upon the thickness and the plaster. Savings in recurring energy costs in air-conditioning. Can fulfil required STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating.

Reduction of Dead Load

1/3rd the density of clay bricks. Economic design: savings in cement and steel. Enables faster construction. Suitable for low-soil bearing capacity & seismic zones. Facilitates construction of unplanned walls any where anytime

Fire Protection

Thickness of wall 1000 kg/m3, TBD block offers fire endurance for Heat transmission for 4 hours without releasing any toxic fumes during.

Enhances Carpet Area

An engineered block, it can be offered in any thickness as per the construction design. By using 150 mm thick Bricks in place of 9 inch brick, the customer gets an additional 2% to 3% carpet area. The savings on account of additional carpet area gained is more than the cost of Bricks.


Accurate size and shapes help in reducing plastering costs. Better finishing of walls offers good amount of reduction in paints. Eco-friendly. Speedier Constructions. Ease of Workability. Universal Acceptability.