Parameter Cellucon Cellular LightweightConcrete(CLC) Concrete Aerated Autoclaved (AAC)
Basic Raw materials and inputs Flyash, Sand, Cement Foaming compound, water Cement, Lime, Sand, Aeration Compound, Flyash, Energy
Production Process & Set-up Can be produced at project site using ordinary concrete mixer and a foam generator Produced only in costly plant equipped with steam boiler and Autoclaves
Dry Density Kg/m3 400-600 800-1000 1200-1800 650 750
Compressive Strength (28 days) Kg/m3 10-15 25-35 60-250 40 40
Usage Insulation Partitions Non-load bearing Load bearing Non-load Bearing blocks Reinforced panels
Precast Block size Cast at site 500x250x90/190mm Any shape & size in density range 400-1800 Kg/m3 625x250x100/200mm Not Feasible
Aging Gains strength with age No
Thermal Conductivity Units (W/m.k) 0.098 for 400 Kg/m3 0.151 for 700 Kg/m3 0.238 for 1000 Kg/m3 0132-0.151 for 650 Kg/m3
Sound Insulation Superior Superior
Easy of working Can be cut, swan, nailed, drilled as timber Can be cut, swan, nailed, drilled as timber
Eco-friendliness Pollution free process with least: Energy requirement also consumes waste FLYASH Pollution free process with high energy requirement